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We support companies in optimizing their business processes, especially the workflow of documents and cases using IT solutions.

Among others, we are a supplier of our own workflow systems: DEW-1, DEW-Lite and DEW-X being platforms supporting the management of documents and cases.

We have business background. Users’ needs and business goals are our starting point. We’re analysts, managers, economists, IT specialists with extensive experience. We will help to optimize every implemented process, because we go far beyond the technological layer. Our team is flexible. We work close to and together with the client. We understand that only the sum of our competences brings us closer to success.

Nowadays more and more attention is paid to the optimization of processes within the organization. Workflow systems are IT tools that allow you to eliminate or limit the circulation of paper documents, and support and automate the flow of documents and matters. It can be said that they become a blood circulation of the organization.

In our opinion, the workflow system should be an effective tool, created for people and their supportive. For us, flow is not only flow in an ergonomic and IT sense, but a psychological concept, or a state of mind somewhere between satisfaction and euphoria, caused by a total devotion to some activity. We feel it when a task absorbs us completely and we do it with pure pleasure.

We often help our clients in choosing system supporting their work. In this case, we are no longer a supplier, but we become an adviser who represents the client. We carry out the needs analysis, we look for the best-suited solutions on the market, participate in the the purchasing proces and negotiate the terms of the contract.

We carry out business analyzes that allow effective design, implementation and development of the client’s system.

Workflow class products are no longer an early innovation. These solutions are becoming popular and customers are looking for flexible systems at reasonable prices. At the same time, they expect user interfaces to be intuitive and similar to those used on social networks.

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