“Estonian” workflow

Author: Jan Trawiński

Art. 15zzzzzu. 1. The restrictions referred to in Art. 15zzzzzo paragraph. 2 pt. 2… something about the Estonian workflow

When we think about the intricacies of Polish regulations, we feel terrified. VAT, PIT, CIT, COVID – it’s a pity to talk. I have not heard anyone say they are in favor of complicating them further – rather, we only hear voices for simplification and rewriting.

On the other hand, whenever we have the opportunity, we complicate ourselves as much as possible. The implementation of document and case workflow processes is a good example of such an action. The emergence of an electronic system sometimes even encourages to confuse the procedures that exist before implementation – because such an opportunity arises. As a result, monster processes are created, of such a complexity that even reading their maps requires a lot of determination and experience.

Can it be otherwise?
I believe so. I think that if the maximum simplification of processes was one of the basic goals of the implementation, this would be the case.

I’ve found that one way to do this is to divide large processes into several smaller ones. To illustrate this example, let’s take such a holiday request process. It usually combines various types of absences: vacation leave, occasional, on demand, child (maternity, paternity – parental and child-care), training, unpaid and all forms of paid and unpaid absence of service providers.
Now let’s think about the map of such a process and its complexities – actors, types of decisions, conditions, etc. To design something like this, you need an expensive analyst (and it’s still quite a simple process, comparing it, for example, to some invoice workflows).
Meanwhile, if each case was designed separately, then “clicking” one of them (forms and flow) without drawing a map at all would probably take several minutes. Moreover, filling out simpler forms would also be much more convenient for later users.

Of course, we, the suppliers of workflow systems, are also to blame for this state of affairs. Why?
First of all, we do not all agree with my thesis that simpler is better.
Secondly, the implementation should be shrouded in a fog of secret knowledge, reserved only for initiates.
Thirdly – we license per process and / or earn money on implementations.

With this in mind, I leave you reflecting, dreaming about an “Estonian” workflow.


In Poland, the verb “cekolować” is very popular.

Generally speaking, it means smoothing the walls. It comes from the name of the Polish company CEKOL, but today it is like “hoovering”, which broke away from the Hoover Company and lives its own life.

CEKOL continues to set trends. This time starting with an amazing loyalty program.
CEKOL TEAM is a combination of gamification, military fun and a way to earn additional income.

BlueDew joined this project at a very early stage, when there was only an idea and the concept of its implementation was just being born. It must be said that we were drawn to it, among other things, thanks to the enthusiasm of Krzysiek Rozwadowski – privately a military fan and blogger, and co-founder and CTO BlueDew.
It can be said that we have completed this project, using construction terminology, in the “design-build” model. We acted as we like best – not only as an IT company, but also as a business advisor – we were able to fully use our potential.

We worked with a professional, friendly and very committed team on the side of CEKOL, consisting mainly of people from the marketing department, but also from accounting and finance.

We have integrated with the external financial and accounting system.
The marketing website of the loyalty program was made by OK-Interactive, so we took advantage of the synergy and avoided any misunderstandings.

The effect of many months of work is awsome. A great loyalty program and a very good IT system thanks to which it can be implemented.

We keep our fingers crossed and look for commercial success!

More about Cekol Taeam https://cekolteam.pl

Our products: dedicated systems, business analyzes, consulting

Join the Cekol Team

Remember The Garden!

A new attraction has been created at OBC. On the ground floor, next to the highest of the “Olivia Star” office buildings, you will now find the Garden. 8,720 m3 of greenery, 4,000 plants from 150 species from four continents. In addition, there is a concert stage, a restaurant and a mezzanine.
Relax in the heart of a huge business center.

We also have a small contribution to the organization of this project – it is our system that allows to manage the traffic of residents as well as book and purchase admission tickets, also in variants combined with the Observation Deck on the 32nd floor.

Our products: dedicated systems

We invite you to book your visit https://bilety.oliviastar.pl/buy-ticket/en


Time is money

Is the second a lot?

Multiplied by hundreds of people and thousands of operations, many hours saved – it’s worth analyzing and optimizing.

In one of our implementations, thanks to the registration of working time and completed tasks for several hundred people, we managed to save a few of full-time equivalent.
Our knowledge and tools can contribute to huge benefits.

Our products: DEW-Collar, DEW-1, business analysis

Will art defend itself?

Beautiful architecture also requires marketing and technology.
It is worth showing yourself from the best side in the net.

Below is a link to the website we have made for the architectural studio.

Our products: design and implementation of websites


Article in THINKTANK Magazine

In the THINKTANK Magazine was published article on the process optimization (only in Polish).
It contains three interesting case studies on the use of the DEW-1 information system.
Perhaps one of them will be inspiring for you.

We recommend and invite you to read it.


Lift to heaven?

Even this has to be managed.
Booking system – simple on the front, sofisticated in the background.

Sometimes it is not possible to use ready-made solutions – either they are not available or they do not meet all the requirements. Then the solution is dedicated “tailor-made” systems.

Our products: dedicated systems

By the way, we invite you to visit the observation deck with a spectacular view 🙂

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Need a guide?

Sometimes the smaller one is needed by the larger one.
Knowledge, precision, experience and flexibility of a smaller company are features that you can use to make it easier to achieve your goals.

Many people think that huge companies should choose solutions from large suppliers. Sometimes it makes sense, but not always. Smaller companies are more agile, they are quicker to follow new trends, they are easier adapt to the clients needs.

Our products: DEW-1, business analysis

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