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In Poland, the verb “cekolować” is very popular.

Generally speaking, it means smoothing the walls. It comes from the name of the Polish company CEKOL, but today it is like “hoovering”, which broke away from the Hoover Company and lives its own life.

CEKOL continues to set trends. This time starting with an amazing loyalty program.
CEKOL TEAM is a combination of gamification, military fun and a way to earn additional income.

BlueDew joined this project at a very early stage, when there was only an idea and the concept of its implementation was just being born. It must be said that we were drawn to it, among other things, thanks to the enthusiasm of Krzysiek Rozwadowski – privately a military fan and blogger, and co-founder and CTO BlueDew.
It can be said that we have completed this project, using construction terminology, in the “design-build” model. We acted as we like best – not only as an IT company, but also as a business advisor – we were able to fully use our potential.

We worked with a professional, friendly and very committed team on the side of CEKOL, consisting mainly of people from the marketing department, but also from accounting and finance.

We have integrated with the external financial and accounting system.
The marketing website of the loyalty program was made by OK-Interactive, so we took advantage of the synergy and avoided any misunderstandings.

The effect of many months of work is awsome. A great loyalty program and a very good IT system thanks to which it can be implemented.

We keep our fingers crossed and look for commercial success!

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