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Exela Technologies is an international organization that has a business center in Poland that employs several hundred people.

Our goal was to find a system that would record the time and scope of work in individual projects. We chose the DEW-1 workflow system by BlueDew, because it additionally allowed us to automate the workflow of individual work cards and enabled the generation of collective reports. Thanks to the creation and implementation of an innovative component, a working time registration tool was created, combined with the circulation of work cards created in it.

The employee logs not only the activities performed by him (paid by the client or not), but also inactivity, e.g. breaks, using an automatic clock or entering data after the fact.

Once completed, the worksheets are sent to the group leaders, and if they need to be completed or corrected, they can be withdrawn as part of the process. All variables and relationships can be monitored: users, their projects, nature of activities (billable or non billable), tasks within projects. The system can support the degree of achievement of goals, notifications, escalations, etc.

The implementation of DEW-1 was quick, professionally carried out and cost-effective. The system is maintained on the provider’s servers, and BlueDew additionally provides ongoing support.

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