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DEW-Lite obieg dokumentów i spraw

The DEW-Lite system is a modern, configurable system supporting the workflow of documents and cases.

DEW-Lite uses the mature DEW-1 workflow engine and has been additionally equipped with modern user interfaces.

  • one place from which the user can navigate the entire system
  • one interface from which all actions available to him can start
  • one screen on which he can track his previous activities
  • one view in which he can follow the processes that left his work box
  • one space in which he can take and carry out all his tasks no matter what process they come from

One Place to rule all, One Place to find, One Place to collect all and in the clearness bind…

Building DEW-Lite, our main goal was to prepare a product that, while maintaining most of the functionality of DEW-1, will be available to companies that do not have the budget and time to implement DEW-1. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, we have built a solution that also works properly on mobile devices.

The most popular processes:

  • cost (purchase) invoice workflow
  • purchasing process
  • holiday request
  • mailroom processes (incoming and outgoing correspondence)
  • approval of contracts

If your company wants to benefit from the workflow system and prefers to configure pre-defined processes instead of building them according to your specific needs, then DEW-Lite is just for you.


When to choose DEW-Lite:

  • you need a workflow of documents and cases
  • you have a limited budget
  • you do not have time for engaging implementations
  • you want to be able to add more processes in the future
  • you want most of the functionality to be available also on mobile devices


If you are interested invite us for a presentation.

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